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Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish massage techniques used to promote relaxation and decrease tension. Light to medium pressure using long, rhythmic strokes to calm the mind and relax the body. Essential oils, heat, cold and other add-ons may be used during the treatment to cater to your unique therapeutic needs for the session.
60 min. $95 | 90 min. $140

Therapeutic Massage

Using a combination of focused, trigger point therapy and slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscle and connective tissue. Medium to heavy pressure. Breaking up muscle tension, adhesions and scar tissue to decrease overall pain and discomfort.
60 min. $95 | 90 min. $140

Classic Hot Stone or Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Choose between smooth basalt stones or Himalayan salt stones. Basalt stones are the traditional, smooth stones used in classic hot stone massage. A Himalayan salt stone massage balances & neutralizes the negative effect of electronics in our day to day by warming the salt, it works as a natural ionizer. It also improves circulation and provides a gentle skin exfoliation. Both are heated to create the ultimate relaxation experience by using heat to penetrate deeply into the muscle.
60 min. $100 | 90 min. $145


Unlike other forms of massage that compress soft tissue, cupping is a form of massage that decompresses soft tissue using plastic or silicone cups to create a 'vacuum' suction, lifting, pulling and opening to expand the tissue pulling toxins and bringing blood flow to tense, stagnant areas. Red marks and bruising are common side effects.
60 min. $100 | 90 min. $145

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage focuses on addressing aches and pains associated with pregnancy and can be performed at anytime during a healthy pregnancy. We use special prenatal pillows and bolsters to ensure a comfortable massage. Reduces muscle tension, improves circulation and increase relaxation for the mother to be.
60min. $95

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